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What's Up Wednesday

I'm so excited to be linking up with ShaySheaffer and Mel this week for What's Up Wednesday! 

- What We're Eating This Week -

Monday - Chicken 
Tuesday - Tator Tot Casserole
Wednesday - Chicken Burritos 
Thursday- Spaghetti
Friday - Fish
Saturday - Curry 
Sunday - Pizza 

- What I'm Reminiscing About -

My baby girl Emily is 6 month old today. Time is sure flying by seems just like yesterday I had her. She is my little miracle baby.

- What I'm Loving -

Amazon. I am quite addicted to it I like to buy cute outfits for both the kids on here and books for my Kindle. 

- What I'm Dreading -

Packing for are week of to go on a small vacation. But we sure do need it. 

- What I'm Excited About -

Our week get a way with the kids and Easter. 

- What I'm Watching/Reading -

Watching Master Chief Jr on Thursdays. And Pretty Little Liars will be back on April 18th and I am so excited.  Reading a few books in a princess series. 

- What I'm Listening To -

Pandora Country Radio station and kids station. 

- What I'm Wearing- 

A comfy shirt and jeans but weather is being nice for now here and may have to put the winter clothes away and get our spring/summer clothes out. 

- What I'm Doing This Weekend -

Not quite sure yet but of course grocery shopping and errands. 

- What I'm Looking Forward To -

Easter. Time to get things put together for Luke for his Easter basket. My almost 3 year old loves paw patrol so getting some of them toys and of course a few of his favorite snacks. Emily meeting the Easter Bunny for the first time. 

- What Else Is New -

Emily is getting her first tooth in and were excited to see more come in later down the road. 


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For Today Monday April 3,2017

Looking out my window... It's cloudy and looks like it could rain somete soon. 

I am thinking... That I need to make a list of things I need to pack for our week vacation. 

I am thankful...  For warmer weather and of course spring. 

I am wearing...  A flower t-shirt and Jeans. 
I am creating... Nothing at the moment. Don't have time to make anything at the moment. Maybe once Emily gets to be a little older I can start making things again. 

I am watching...  My son doing the splits and My daughter rolling over on her tummy. Never a full moment I'm this house. 

I am reading... 

A Princess Next Door. It's good almost done. And can't wait to read book 2 in the series.

I am hoping... That my daughter's​ teeth will come in soon. She is cutting a few teeth and poor baby is fussy.

I am learning...  Which foods Emily likes to eat and what she doesn't when she eats her solids. Love the cute faces she makes. 

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